Serving Dreams

Player Awards

Shelby Rogers
Carl A. Yorimoto Sportsmanship Award
This award will be presented to the player who best exemplifies good sportsmanship in the spirit of the event. This award is made in honor of Carl Yorimoto, a long time GMTC friend and volunteer.

The Barbara Malan "Toughest Competitor" Award
This award is presented to the player who exemplifies courage, heart, humor and a never give up or lose. The toughest competitor loves to compete, but does so with a love of the game and a sense of fair play.

Alexandra Sanford
CiCi Bellis
The Larry Reed "Most Promising Newcomer" Award           
Award annually to the player who best exemplifies the promise of the Dow Corning Tennis Classic. The former CEO of Dow Corning Corporation, avid tennis player, and USTA umpire, Larry Reed, was instrumental in the growth and development of the Dow Corning Tennis Challenger. This memorial award recognizes a player who has shown outstanding promise early in their professional career.


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